Plant Overview

SKB Agrotech is growing fast to meet customer demands. We have been setting milestones in the development of agricultural technology for more than 4 years. At our company, we strive hard to accomplish challenging task of continuously improve harvesting performance through innovative technology

PEB Building

PEB Shed 13mx60m with 5 Ton EOT Carane

CNC Plasma/ Oxyfuel  Profile Cutting Machine


Bed Size 2.5mX 6m
Plasma Power Source Hypertherm  Powermax125
Plasma Capacity 25mm  MS/ 20mm SS
Oxyfuel Cutting Capacity 200mm
Bed Size 2.5mx6.5m

250  Ton Hydraulic Press Brake

  • Bending Capacity  8 ton/mm/mtr
  • Can bend 12mmx2500mm
  • Can bend up to 25 mm for profiles upto 1 mtr

Inverter MIG Welding Machines – 400 Amp, 250 Amp


  • High-quality, multi-process welding capabilities
  • Automatically fine tune the arc to create the best possible weld
  • No problems of burn through

50 Ton Power Press

Band Saw Machine – Capacity 200mm